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Concrete Bridge

We Build Bridges, Not Gates.

We teach philanthropists to give away their power and their money in the form of flexible family & friends style risk capital invested by and into communities of color.

Why FFF?

Black business and nonprofit founders and founders of color across the country lack equitable access to grants, loans, and flexible capital. While Black founders struggle to get the $$ they need to start, hundreds of billions of dollars are stagnating in donor advised funds and private foundations.

We know this money isn't stalling out because of a lack of desire for impact. The money is stagnating because historically, philanthropy has encouraged donors to build gates, not bridges. 

At Family & Friends Fund we've devised a suite of innovative solutions to redistribute these stagnant funds while also redistributing the decision making power over these funds to the communities the donors most ardently desire to impact.

We can't wait to work with you to build bridges, not gates. 

Place-Based Movement

We help communities activate latent capital from supporters of racial justice who haven't yet had their dollars -- or their energy -- activated towards the cause. We do this using  a proven crowd funding playbook. 

Audits  & Activation

We work with funders of all types to assess their current reputation among BIPOC community members while simultaneously auditing the equity of their historic grantmaking. 

Donor Education &

We provide training for private family foundations, donor advised fund holders, and high-net worth families to connect them to the resources they need to learn power-sharing through grant making. We do this while providing meaningful conversations & connections to the “beyond status quo” BIPOC leaders in their communities.

Power Transfer & Transformation

Our one of kind governance model will helps philanthropists transfer the power over some or all of their philanthropic capital to leaders in their community who have never had the opportunity to wield decision making authority over funding. 

Image by Nate Isaac

As you enter positions of trust and power, dream a little before you think.

Toni Morrison

We Are Proud of Our Early Results:


BIPOC Grantees


Cash Donations


Granted Out


Individual Donors


White Decision Makers

Supporters & Partners


Participant in Uncharted's inaugural Economic Inequality Cohort


The Pilot fund is currently hosted as a field of interest fund at CFGFW.

Are You Ready to Help Launch a New Era of Power Sharing in Philanthropy?

Long before we work WITH you, we want to get to KNOW you. 

Click below to tell us about yourself and we will connect soon to discuss how our innovative methods might intersect with your family foundation, donor advised fund, or city today. 

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