Family & Friends Fund

for Southeast Fort Wayne

The Family & Friends Fund for Southeast Fort Wayne is a donor advised fund hosted at the Community Foundation of Greater Fort Wayne. The fund has been designed to distribute power and financial resources to leaders and residents in Southeast Fort Wayne -- the most under-invested quadrant of our city. The fund aims to raise $1,000,000 to be directed into economic opportunities in SE that will build generational wealth and connectivity. No funding decisions will be made by anyone other than residents and leaders in Southeast, Fort Wayne.


BIPOC* led businesses and nonprofits will be prioritized.

*Black, Indigenous, People of Color



of entrepreneurs that hire any employees receive some kind of financial help


Receive this help from their personal or family savings


The average white family has 10 times the wealth of the average Black family



Here are the tools we are utilizing to maximize our inclusion and impact:

Power Moves

POWER MOVES: Your essential philanthropy assessment guide for equity and justice.


This fund is hosted with the Community Foundation of Greater Fort wayne

Google Sheets

Family & Friends is committed to radical transparency and will be tracking all gifts publicly.


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